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Artistic designDesign

Mascots in logos are very loved by customers when it comes to interacting with them, as they have human characteristics that identify them and are easily remembered, we invite you to see the development process of how to create a project like this.

Creative process

01. Sketch

First you talk with the client to review their interests, what do you like? What do you want to convey? or if you already have a logo to incorporate it, then an initial idea is developed on paper before taking it to the digital line.

02. Vectorized

Since the idea has been authorized, the next step is to transfer the sketch to vectorized for a cleaner and more presentable image, reviewing details and adjustments.

03. Color

This phase consists of finding a visual balance of colors that go according to the profile of the corporate image.

04. Versions

In some cases, the positions will be integrated if the pets require it, check if it works and present several options.

05. Delivery

For the final delivery, it is formally presented in a PDF document and a small image user manual is added as a recommendation, with all its files and images in high resolution.