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Our teamDisruptive

Disruptive Studio is a Design and software agency whose main objective is to create things that no one else can.

When we are asked to copy something else, our final answer is NO… We create and innovate in ways that some people can’t even imagine and that makes us unique. From a simple logo design, to an enterprise cryptographic self-identity protocol, we can develop it in a very timely manner.


To enable any individual to become a highly successful entrepreneur by providing all the tools they can use to achieve it.


To become the only agency worldwide that focuses on delivering real quantifiable results to its clients.



  • Karen Martinez

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Omar Urbina

    Chief Operations Officer

  • E. Reyes

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Manuel López

    Chief Creative Officer

  • Walter López

    Chief Development Officer

  • R. Aguilera

    Chief International Relations

  • Adam Stone, Esq.

    Legal Counsel



  • G. Alvarado

    Project Manager

  • E. Castillo

    Senior Blockchain Developer

  • R. Rios

    Senior Backend Developer

  • M. Porras

    Senior Backend Developer

  • M. Romero

    Senior Backend Developer



  • M. Zamora

    Senior Graphic Designer

  • E. Richard

    Senior Frontend Developer

  • G. Meza

    Creative Content Creator

  • J.M. Medina

    Multimedia Production Specialist



  • O. Ochoa

    Digital Marketing & Storytelling

  • G. Medina

    Social Media Manager



  • C. Trujillo

    Legal advisor México

  • P. García

    Account Executive

  • G. Paniagua

    Client Relations

  • E. Chavez

    Human Resources

  • J. Mendoza

    Quality Assurance

  • A. Herrera

    Customer Service

Research and Development


  • Daniel Cruz

    Chief of Department

  • E. Guerrero

    CEH Certified & Senior Backend Developer